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Winner of the Adirondack Center for Writing’s People’s Choice Award.

A sister is discovered living inside her sister’s chest cavity, and after extraction, she wants to go back; a woman accidentally walks through walls and finds her newfound intimacy offends her friends. Romping the surreal landscape of internal reality, this mournful and droll collection of very short stories explores the yearning for intimacy and transcendence.

What People are Saying

“Enter this cabinet of wonders to find your mind and spirit expand. While the concerns and struggles are familiar — loneliness, troubled marriages, envy, hungers of various sorts —these fabulist tales shed fresh light, producing strange and tasty blooms.”  —Ron MacLean, author of We Might as Well Light Something on Fire

“The places her metaphors take us are intimate and quiet—the damp space under stones, the mushrooms that grow in forests.”  —Dana Diehl, The Collagist

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Art by Nicoletta Tomas

On the altiplano between Chile and Bolivia, Fallon’s family witnesses their mother magically disappear. The inexplicable nature of their loss marks each family member in a different way. For Fallon it is the first step toward adulthood. For her brilliant and troubled older brother, it is an abandonment from which he never recovers. Thirteen years later, back in the United States, Fallon is about to conquer self-doubt and apply to medical school, when another mysterious event shatters her reality. The crisis catapults her across the country on a quest to find the truth. What she discovers changes everything.

Blurring boundaries between make-believe and fact, Blue Woman Burning, asks what is real, what is invented? How can we move forward if what passes for reality is only a matter of perception? This is a novel for our time, as the conflict between what we choose to believe and what is true plays out in modern American life.


“Lâle Davidson’s Blue Woman Burning is at once a road novel, a mystery, and a wise meditation on family and the way hurt begets hurt. As propulsive as its plot is, though, it’s Davidson’s wondrous, penetrating, eloquent prose that will stick with readers. This book is that rare thing: a page-turner that can and should be savored.” – Gabriel Blackwell, editor of The Collagist, and author of CORRECTION and editor of The Rupture 

“Haunting and dreamlike, Blue Woman Burning takes us on an unforgettable journey through a broken family’s hidden past and one woman’s struggle to transcend it.”  – Erika Schickel, author, The Big Hurt

Blue Woman Burning is magical realism at its best. When Fallon’s mother vanishes in the desert one day, it sends her on a heartbreakingly beautiful quest to understand the mysteries of life, and of her own family. This is an inspiring coming of age story with a smash bang ending you won’t see coming.” – Matt Witten, television writer for House and bestselling author of The Necklace.

“Imagine a collaboration between Madeleine L’Engle and Carlos Casteneda and you’ll have some idea of Lale Davidson’s Blue Woman Burning.  It’s a contemporary quest novel with mythic echoes, a mystery with lashings of the supernatural, a road-trip in search of family, romance, and magic.  Enthralling!” – Steve Stern, award winning author of The Angel of Forgetfulness

“Skip the acid. For a rush of transmogrification, read this novel. Lale Davidson writes more authentically about crazy suffering than most anyone I’ve read. And she writes it with a voice so clean and astringent we have no trouble believing the unbelievable. Her voice is beautiful, no-nonsense, ferociously informed. Terrific.”  –Bob Miner, author of Mother’s Day and Exes

“Davidson’s novel is firmly grounded in gritty reality and transformative magic.  Her characters mesmerize, and the course of their lives makes us anxious to know what they’ll do next, what ordinary days and extraordinary circumstances will take us on rides to distant places, and to the solace and confusion of our own souls.  This is one of those stories that you just don’t want to end.  A rich and full journey, and a pleasure to read.” –B.A. Chepaitis, author of 11 books, most recently The Amber

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