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Shoutout to Community College Students Everywhere -but Particularly SUNY ADK!

You might be thinking, “Gosh she’s gullible,” but teaching at a community college for almost thirty years has taught me that the absence of financial resources magnifies all problems to an often unbelievable degree. If you’ve got money to spare, when your car breaks down, you get it fixed. It’s inconvenient. But when you’re living on the edge, a breakdown triggers an avalanche, like you lose your job because you can’t get to work and your stress triggers an autoimmune disorder, and on it goes. Sure, there are those students whose grandmother seems to die at least five times in one semester, and who halfway into the semester say they didn’t do their homework because they had no idea a book was required… but even those kinds of excuses can be hiding larger problems like ADHD or chronic shame. So I’ve learned to take their problems seriously and seek solutions that match.

Anyway-love you guys! Would rather teach at SUNY Adirondack than most private colleges any day.

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